|The Definitive Forms|

This photo essay project is a collabotation with Muuto - they are exploring new format that serves to perceive Scandinavian design through the individual lens and scope of photographers from across the world.

The relationship between body forms and objects always fascinates me. Muuto furniture has been well-known for its extremely bright minimal and practical design, but for me, it also provides very sensual feelings. I am intrigued by the experience that could be brought from the interaction between female body form and Muuto furniture.




In this project, furniture is no longer objects but also connects with its surroundings including human beings and space on the levels of physical appearance, color and texture.  The  "spot-line-area" that made up of body forms and furnitures trigers unusual visual experience.


This project also re-examines the relationship between furniture and human-being. They are both independent and united in such different levels.


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